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The HemWell MD system represents the very best in non-invasive surgical hemorrhoidal treatment. Our innovate procedure is quick, simple, and virtually painless treating all grades of hemorrhoids.

Quick, Painless & Effective Treatment

Our procedure is simple to learn & does not require long in-services or academics to competently perform. Patients experience no pain, a very low recurrence rate and no recordable history of infections from the procedure. Most procedures can be completed within 10 minutes.

improved patient Care

This non-invasive surgical procedure takes just minutes perform and dramatically improves the quality of life for your patients.

Get back to your active lifestyle

Our procedure is gentle and requires little to no down time for the patient to heal. Patients can return to their regular activities the following day.

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HemWell Hemorrhoid Treatment System

Providing patients with a superior alternative to antiquated rubber banding style processes; offering increased safety, efficiency, and comfort.



Most people will develop hemorrhoidal disease (HD) some time in their lifetime. The veins located in the anus are called hemorrhoidal veins. HD develops within them and they become swollen and distended, like varicose veins in legs.

What causes HD? Anything which increases pressure within the hemorrhoidal veins can cause HD, such as:

  • Constipation and straining
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Sitting or standing for a long time
  • Obesity
  • Heavy lifting
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Low fiber diet

The HemWell Procedure Is The Non-Invasive Surgical Solution!

The HemWell Procedure is a safe, effective, and relatively painless treatment for hemorrhoidal disease (HD). This breakthrough technology is FDA cleared, in which a very low-grade non thermal current is applied to the base of the hemorrhoid tissues. The process facilitates a natural chemical reaction within the damaged hemorrhoidal tissues that allows the body to heal naturally.
Unlike most traditional hemorrhoidal surgical procedures, the HemWell Procedure is a non-invasive with little to no complications or life-threatening infection risks. Depending on the size of the hemorrhoid the HemWell Procedure takes about 10 minutes to perform. Following the procedure, the patient can resume normal daily activities without restrictions.
75% of the population will be affected by hemorrhoidal disease (HD). HD is the 3rd fastest growing disease worldwide. The HemWell Procedure is the only quick and painless way to eliminate HD. Enabling patients to return to their active lifestyles without being encumbered by debilitating pain or embarrassment of HD.



Hemorrhoidectomy (General Surgery) – An incision is made around both external and internal hemorrhoidal tissues are removed. This surgery is exclusively for Hemorrhoid Grades III and IV.  There are multiple risk factors involved in this type of surgical procedure including: bleeding, infection, sepsis, extreme pain, and risk of permeant incontinence.  Recovery from this surgery varies between 2 to 3 months.

Rubber Band Ligation (Banding) – A small elastic band is placed around the base of the hemorrhoid cutting off the circulation to the hemorrhoidal tissue.  The band causes the hemorrhoid to shrink and the surrounding tissue to scar.  This procedure is often associated with pain and has a moderate reoccurrence rates. 

Stapling – A stapling device is used to anchor the hemorrhoid base and cutoff the circulation to the hemorrhoidal tissue.  This procedure is often associated with bleeding, infection, sepsis, and risk of permeant incontinence. Recovery from this surgery varies between 2 to 3 months. 

Infrared/Laser (IRC) – This is a thermal treatment in which the hemorrhoid is exposed to a burst of infrared (laser) light.  The hemorrhoidal tissue is burned thermally.  Recurrences rates are extremely high, and treatment is considered limited in its overall effectiveness. 

Wipes, Pads & Ointments – Provides only temporary relief of symptoms but does not resolve or cure the underlying cause.

The HemWell Advantage

HemWell ProcedureTreats all grades of hemorrhoids. Non-Thermal treatment. No cutting, stabbing, or injecting involved. Very low reoccurrence with no serious complications noted with this procedure. No risk for infection or incontinence.  Patient can return to regular actives almost immediately.

CPT Code​

46945: Internal Hemorrhoids Ligation other than Rubber Band (1 hemorrhoid)
46946: Internal Hemorrhoids Ligation other than Rubber Band (2 or more hemorrhoids)


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A breakthrough FDA-cleared technology that applies a micro-electric current to the base of a hemorrhoid. This patented technology quickly and painlessly heals hemorrhoids by producing a natural reaction within the hemorrhoid. The hemorrhoid shrinks and is removed by the body. Most patients experience no or minimal pain and are able to return to work immediately after the procedure.

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