What if you could treat all new patients up front at the time of their screening colonoscopy?

Physicians, don’t just diagnose hemorrhoids, treat them!

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What if you could treat all new patients up front at the time of their screening colonoscopy and obliterate a small Grade 1 or 2 hemorrhoid before it becomes a real problem in a few years at a Grade 3 or 4?

What if you could help mitigate those disruptive symptoms of itching, irritation, bleeding, swelling and pain UP FRONT before they became a real problem in a matter of minutes?

What if you could help reduce the number of hemorrhoidectomy procedures and the complications and risks that go along with that procedure by treating up front?

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    A breakthrough FDA-cleared technology that applies a micro-electric current to the base of a hemorrhoid. This patented technology quickly and painlessly heals hemorrhoids by producing a natural reaction within the hemorrhoid. The hemorrhoid shrinks and is removed by the body. Most patients experience no or minimal pain and are able to return to work immediately after the procedure.

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