The Hemwell Device

The Hemwell device consists of a small base unit, a handle, and a probe that is placed in direct contact with the base of the hemorrhoid. A very low level electrical current, similar in energy to a pacemaker, causes smooth muscle contraction and thrombosis resulting permanent ligation of the hemorrhoid's feeder blood vessels.

*GEN2 Device Coming 2024*

More Compact | More Efficient | Easier to Use | Cloud Based Technology

Proven, Safe Technology For All Grades Of Internal Hemorrhoids

HemWell is the only FDA-approved technology that can treat all four grades of hemorrhoids, even those that previously required surgery. You can trust the effectiveness of Hemwellectomy, used successfully and safely on more than 100,000 patients. No serious complications have been reported.

Unlike other procedures that can cause extensive tissue damage, Hemwellectomy only works within the hemorrhoid. Your patients will not feel pain or need to take valuable time off of work. The HemwellMD procedure is covered by Medicare and most private insurance plans.

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