Your Practice

Patient-Centric Approach:

Safety & Efficacy, Reduced Risks, Comprehensive Procedure

Easy For Your Patients

  • No Bowel Prep
  • No Pain
  • No Significant Complications Ever Reported
  • Immediate Return To Normal Daily Activity
  • No Return Visits Needed

A More Complete Hemorrhoid Procedure That Is Safe And Effective

A Comprehensive Hemorrhoid Solution: HemWellectomy. Experience a hemorrhoid procedure that is both that is painless, safe and permanent. HemWell offers the only FDA approved solution all of your patients with hemorrhoids, including those with grade 4, previously only treated with surgical hemorrhoidectomy.

Benefits to the Practice:

Innovative Technology | Reach a Wider Patient Base | Enhanced Patient Care

Reach More Patients

HemWell technology will treat patients who previously would have been referred for surgery.

Improved Patient Care

Patients will be extremely satisfied. HemWellectomy is painless with a > 90% success rate. If needed, a second procedure can be performed without any increased risk.

Better Patient Treatment

Surgical hemorrhoidectomy is extremely painful with serious post op complications. HemWellectomy is painless and without post op complications. With Hemwellectomy up to 100% success rates have been reported with 2 or more procedures.